Data Services

As computer systems become more vital to business and home users so too does the data recorded on them and disaster recovery planning becomes increasingly important.

Hard drive or software failure, theft, pc virus infection, malicious damage and accidents can all too easily result in the loss of months of work and critical data.

It is no longer a case of whether computer users can afford to implement a backup strategy, it is more often the case of whether a user can afford not to have one.

Mylo-Tek offer a range of data backup, transfer, archiving and off-site storage solutions and can also provide advice on disaster recovery to ensure your data is well protected.

data transfer data recoveryWe also offer a comprehensive Virus and Spyware protection and removal service.

Data Services include;

  • Data recovery
  • Data backup
  • Data transfer
  • Data storage
  • Data copying

For secure data storage solutions, for home and office use, contact Andy on 01625 529 677 or email Andrew here.